Sermon Series: "Living Faith in 3D"

Discovering how wide and long and high and deep the love of Christ is!

Sermon Series: Living Faith in 3D

This Fall we are exploring the dimensions of God’s love!  The Apostle Paul uses spatial language as he prays that all God’s people might grasp “how wide and long and high and deep the love of Christ is.”  We will be discovering that God Himself is multi-dimensional (Father, Son and Holy Spirit); and He created us to be multi-dimensional, too (male and female He created them, as well as “body, soul, and spirit”).  And God calls us to respond to His great love by loving Him back “with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength;” that is, with every dimension of our beings.  So come and explore the dimensions of God’s love, and what it means to live our lives fully in all dimensions.

The most recent sermon in the series can be listened to below.

Whats a 3D Faith Life Look Like

Cultivating the Outward Dimension

Cultivating the Inward Dimension

Cultivating the Upward Dimension 2

Recognizing Our 2D Tendencies

Transformed to 3D, The Apostle Paul

The Outward Dimension

The Inward Dimension

The Upward Dimension- God

Living Faith in 3D



What's a 3D Faith Life Actually Look Like?

by Pastor Paul McPheeters