Sunday Mornings at 10:00am!




Saturday, October 9th at 9:30am




A Pre-Worship Time of Preparation!

9:00am each Sunday Morning






We love to get together just for the fun of being together as family. Forestdale is a church where we bring generations together, from the oldest to the youngest, and share life together.


Church as family is one of our core values. Our family bond comes from our relationship to our one God and Father through Jesus Christ, His Son. We are all part of Godʼs family.


Our central hope is to be a people set free by God to live out the gospel of Jesus Christ. What does that look like? People continually engaging in the cycle of Receiving, Believing, and Living the gospel.

Welcome to Forestdale Community Church! If you are looking for a sense of belonging, a sense of coming home, a sense of having a family … come and check out what this expression of God’s family is like. What youʼll find is a diverse group of people who are discovering that a life of faith is not so much a problem to be solved, as an adventure to be lived. Come and join us!




“Little did I know that the people at Forestdale would open their doors to me, and help open my heart to God.”

– Krystal




“When I tell others about Forestdale, I always say it’s safe, welcoming, service-oriented, multi-ethnic and multi-generational. It’s truly come-as-you-are!” 

– Amanda




“I will forever be grateful for that invitation to check out the Forestdale Church, because in a very direct way it has strengthened my relationship with God, with my wife, and my life as a whole.”








“At church, I am the Chair of the Deacon Board, a role I love. Being involved in church life brings me great satisfaction and energizes me.”