Bible Studies & Fellowships

Spending Time Together

Dr. Christine Redford is the Coordinator of our Sunday School ministry.  Under her direction we have Bible study classes on Sunday mornings for kids ages 5-18 and for adults as well.  The teachers are all volunteers from our congregation whom we know well and have undergone a background check through the state’s CORI system.

The youth classes use age-appropriate materials which teach the good news of Jesus through stories and crafts. The high school class is much more conversational and interactive, and is directed toward issues that concern their everyday lives. The adult class accompanies the sermon series and is aligned in theme with our preaching and devotionals, and gives adults a chance to interact with the Scripture and message and to learn collaboratively and build relationships.

Wednesday Morning Study

Each Wednesday morning at 10 a.m., about 20-25 adults gather at the Church to study the Bible with Pastor Paul. The Bible study is open to everyone, and has been one of the places where many people in our church have gotten their start in understanding the Bible and learning to walk out a life of discipleship with Jesus. The study goes hand in hand with the Scripture passage that is preached on Sunday morning, but enables people to see how that passage fits into the broader context of the whole Bible.


Because we have two worship services on Sunday mornings, we try to find ways to allow our people to still stay connected to each other. Every six weeks during the year we have a “fellowship” between the two worship services. Instead of the regular Sunday School hour, we use that time to share coffee and goodies and spend time with one another. The 8:30 worshipers stay after, and the 11 a.m. worshipers come early. It’s a time to mingle and talk and catch up with one another.

Each summer we also switch our worship schedule so that there is just one worship service at 10 a.m., followed by an extended time of fellowship afterward for everyone.