When Will We "Re-Open?"

Sunday, July 4th!

Massachusetts’ Governor Baker has just announced in a news conference that the Commonwealth is on track to meet the goal of vaccinating 4.1 million residents by the first week of June.  So he will be ending the State of Emergency on June 15, and the state will rescind its face covering order on May 29, replacing it with the CDC’s new guidance for vaccinated and unvaccinated people.  

That is welcome news!  Now we want to bring the same safe and unified approach to how we transition back to in-person meetings.  So, we have just had a Standing Committee meeting of all the church leaders to discuss how and when we will resume in-person worship, Bible studies, breakfasts, and other gatherings.  Afterwards the Trustees met as a Board and ratified what was the consensus of the whole group:

  • that we begin gathering for in-person worship again in the sanctuary on Sunday, July 4th.  
  • that throughout the month of June the building will be open for groups larger than 10 people:  Bible studies, Bridges, Breakfasts, AA, etc.  
  • that the month of June will allow the Deacons to prayerfully prepare the details of gathering for in-person worship (ushers, readers, pray-ers, worship team preparation, etc).  
  • that the month will also allow all of our church members time to get fully vaccinated and get re-accustomed to living life in the world without masks and without social distancing.  

 The consensus of the whole group was that when we come back to in-person worship, we want to do so with sense of joy and celebration, and without restrictions.  And we can’t wait to do so!