Daily Devotional

Thanksgiving and Advent

“Sword Practice”

For Thanksgiving week, and for each of the 4 weeks of Advent, we want to give you a little “sword practice.”  That is, we want to help you learn to use your Bible as the “sword of the Spirit,” and learn how to wield it in the battles that life will inevitably send your way.

In the following devotionals, you will find a Scripture passage to read for each day of the week.  You will also learn 4 questions to help you prayerfully reflect on what you have read.  These 4 questions can be asked of most any passage in the Bible, and can help you learn to read the Bible in a way that will help you grow.

For Thanksgiving Week:    Thanksgiving Week Devotional

For the First Week of Advent:   Advent Devotional Week 1 Hope