Sermon Series: "Introducing Jesus!"

Sermon Series: “introducing Jesus”

If you were introducing a good friend to someone who didn’t know your friend, what would you choose to say?  Or how do you introduce yourself to others?  What have you put in your profile on Facebook?  What qualities, characteristics, talents and interests did you emphasize?

This year we are going to be looking at how the New Testament writers introduce people to Jesus.  After all, the entire New Testament was written to do just that:  to introduce people to Jesus?  So how do they do that?  What qualities, characteristics, talents and interests do they emphasize as they give us a profile of Jesus?

And the ultimate question is not just ‘who do they say that Jesus is?”  But who do you say that Jesus is?

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September 16, 2018 The Jesus Hymn

September 9, 2018  Introducing Jesus