Sermon Series: "10 Verses"

To know and hang on to!

This Fall we have been unpacking a “D-L-C” discipleship process by which we grow as Christians:

  • Discovering more of who God is and more of who we are as His people,
  • Learning how to read God’s Word and apply it to our lives.
  • Connecting with God and others as we live out this Faith in community.

We are now looking at “10 Verses” to know and hang on to, which feed and nourish that discipleship process in our lives.  

You can check out the audio or printed versions of the first four sermons on the “DLC Process” in the September sermons below.  The “10 Verses” sermons begin with the October 13th sermon below.  Enjoy!

Oct. 13, 2019   Audio:          Print: 10 Verses – It All Begins With God

Sept. 29, 2019  Audio:  The DLC Abiding and Bearing Fruit Print:  The DLC Abiding and Bearing Fruit

Sept. 22, 2019  Audio: The DLC-Learning to Live          Print:  The DLC-Learning to Live 2

Sept. 15, 2019  Audio: The DLC-Like A Tree                   Print:  DLC Like a Tree Planted

Sept. 8, 2019   Audio: Discover, Learn, Connect            Print:  Discover Learn Connect Sermon 1