Beliefs, Values, and Affiliations

The Things We Hold Most Dearly

We are foremost a gospel-centered church. Our heritage is Congregational and we adhere to the Reformed tradition out of which it grew. We aspire to create and maintain a community characterized by spiritual learning and growth consistent with God’s Word.


Our Core Values

God-centered faith / Grace-centered hope / Bible-based learning / Church as family


Our Central Hope

To be a people, set free by God, to live out the gospel of Jesus Christ:

by receiving the gospel, through a growing awareness of God, others and self through all life’s experiences,
by believing the gospel through faith born of Christ’s atoning sacrifice and the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit,
and by living the gospel by reflecting it to a world badly in need of redemption.



The Forestdale Community Church is a member the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference and shares its core values:
  • A Culture of Believing Prayer and Intercession
  • Healthy Pastors / Healthy Disciple-making Churches / Healthy Church Multiplication
  • A Community that Lives Out Shared Life & Shared Mission
  • A Culture of Peacemaking and Reconciliation
  • A Membership Reflective of the Harvest Field’s Diversity


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